Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunny Gu--Light Box :D


Inks and Layers

Ink on layered translucent paper

INK AND Photoshop
scanned ink drawings taken into photoshop.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jenks the 4-string

Recycled materials used to make a lap mounted guitar. There is a wooden resonating sound box attached to the sound hole which is connected to a transducer mic.

_d.ra 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jessica Cooper- Bear Rug

"Randal" the bear rug, at the opening:

She didn't really 'comit' to the photo as much as I would have liked...

The finished Bear Rug:


So, this week I tried to think of ideas and consepts for the patterning on the rug.

I thought of maybe like a bones-muscles-fur layers type thing.

And a holes-in-animals-with-plants-growing-out type thing.... a motif in some other paintings in my senior project.

Cooper's Project:

I'm going to make a bear rug of sorts out of taxidermy form(s), fabric/faux fur, and clay. It may have many heads, or legs, or be a strange shape or have odd patterns or something to tie it in with my senior show... I haven't decided the specifics yet. If I have time, it would also be fun to do something with one of the full-body taxidermy forms.

I like the ones with the jaw-sets installed. I've ordered taxidermy forms before, but never ones with jaw sets.
These mountain lion forms would be amazing but are expensive.

These fawns are more reasonably priced and I could connect them into one 8 legged, two headed fawn...